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Upcoming Dances

*April 25th, May 9th

(and join us in the NYC Dance Parade on Saturday, May 16th! See below for details)

At Insight Meditation Center,
located at 28 West 27th Street, 10th Floor (Buzzer #27)

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Saturday, April 25th - Playing with Balances: Class with David Chung,
followed by freestyle dancing with DJ Fun Crunk Chung and friends

The evening's schedule:
7:30-8:00 Setup
8:00-8:20 Warm-up music
8:20-9:00 Balances Class with Coach Dave
9:00-10:00 Freestyle dancing with DJ Fun Crunk Chung
10:00-10:15 Community/Announcement Circle
10:15-11:30 Continued freestyle dancing with DJ Magster

Where: Insight Meditation Center
28 West 27th Street, 10th Floor (Buzzer #27)
Cost : $10-15 sliding scale (less if you do a door shift)

*Note: Email us at to sign up in advance to help with setup or breakdown, and/or a doorshift
(but advance sign-up not necessary, all help welcome!).

$5 off for 1/2 hour of your time. Get in free for 1 hour of volunteering.

Offer to coordinate a future dance (oversee setup/breakdown) and get free tickets for Boogies!

About the class:

We'll start with 40-minutes of playing with balances,
with partners and small groups, for dancers of all abilities.
Coach Dave, aka DJ Fun Crunk Chung, will then lead us into a jam
with an eclectic mix of instrumental and jazzy hip hop.

About the DJs:

DJ Fun Crunk Chung: David Chung, M.Ed., is a certified elementary school teacher with extensive experience teaching gymnastics, yoga, and dance to children through residencies at schools, churches, and camps. A 2014 graduate of the National Dance Institute Teaching Artist Training Program, he leads group fitness classes for NYC Parks, and has performed at Carnegie Hall and on CNN. As resident DJ at the Barefoot Boogie NYC, he loves the freedom of mixing eclectic genres of music - frequently stitching together jazzy hiphop with electro-house and tribal - and throwing in unexpected classics.

DJ Magster will be spinning an eclectic mix of tribal groove, upbeat and irresistible tunes, lush and lyrical tracks, quirky songs, slow and spacious melodies, and old-school favorites. Plenty of space for exploration and play!


The Boogie Happens on the 2nd and 4th Saturdays of Each Month!

Mark your calendar: Join us at the NYC Dance Parade on Saturday, May 16th!

We will dance down the avenues of Manhattan behind the Barefoot Boogie banner, bringing news of our friendly and juicy dance to dance lovers of all ages! Stay tuned for more details.

*About the Boogie
The Boogie is a freestyle dance which happens twice a month in New York City. We offer a relaxed, smoke- and alcohol-free environment where folks can freely express themselves in movement.

If you've enjoyed any kind of conscious dance, ecstatic dance, 5 Rhythms, JourneyDance, contact improvisation, or any other kind of freeform dance, you'll enjoy the Boogie.

People of all ages, families and kids are welcome. Come alone or bring your friends. You'll find folks at the dance moving solo, with partners, and/or in groups. Dress as you wish, but please leave your street shoes at the door before hitting the dance floor. The Barefoot Boogie is a not-for-profit, cooperative and volunteer-run venture.

From our pool of talented DJs, two spin each dance. Each of our DJs has his or her own distinctive style, but one thing you can rely on is that at every Boogie you'll hear a wide variety of music: R&B, World, Funk, Tribal, Hip Hop, Ambient, Reggae, House, African, Electronica, Disco, Rock, Techno, Drum & Bass, etc.

* When and Where
Barefoot Boogie is held at: Insight Meditation Center: 28 W 27th Street, 10th Floor (Buzzer #27). Join our mailing list and we'll keep you informed about our upcoming dances and DJ Schedules.

Our normal schedule is the second and fourth Saturday of each month. We currently have the following format for the dance.

Want to dance on a weekend when a Boogie's not being held, and don't mind traveling a couple hours upstate to the country? There just might be a dance being put on by our sister community, the Freestyle Frolic.

The Barefoot Boogie prides itself on being an affordable non-profit dance. Admission is a sliding scale from $10 to $15, depending on what you feel you can afford. If this cost is too much for you, please consider volunteering! Door shift volunteers will still receive 1/2 off for one door shift and a free dance for 2 door shifts;

DJs and Coordinators will always dance free! Kids, 12 and under, are free.

*Join Us

Come join us at the Boogie in dance, hanging out and whatnot. If you groove on what we're doing and have time and energy to help us make the dance happen, all the better. Folks who contribute as such to our dances can get reduced or even free admission to the Boogie. We're entirely volunteer-run so are always in need of people who can work as dance coordinators and DJs, and do 1/2 hour door shifts. Come to our dances and we'll be glad to fill you in on how we're set up. Even if you're not able to get involved, we'd like to hear your ideas about the dance.
*Dance New England
The Barefoot Boogie NYC is a member of Dance New England (DNE), which is a network of barefoot, smoke-free dances taking place in cities throughout the Northeast United States including New York City, New Paltz, Boston, Northampton, and Portland Maine among others. For more information on other great dance events throught New England check out:

Our communities get together frequently to convene DNE events including dance weekends and a summer camp.
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