About the Boogie

Are you psyched to dance? So are we. Come join us! The Boogie is a freestyle dance which happens once a month in Brooklyn, New York. We offer a relaxed, smoke- and alcohol-free environment where folks can freely express themselves in movement. If you've enjoyed any kind of conscious dance, ecstatic dance, 5 Rhythms, JourneyDance, contact improvisation, or any other kind of freeform movement, you'll enjoy the Boogie.

People of all ages, families and kids are welcome. (Children must be supervised at all times.) Come alone or bring your friends. You'll find folks at the dance moving solo, with partners, and/or in groups. Dress as you wish, but please leave your street shoes at the door (clean soft-soled shoes are acceptable) before hitting the dance floor. We also keep chat to a minimum on the dance floor but welcome verbal connection in the non-dance spaces! The Barefoot Boogie is a not-for-profit, cooperative and volunteer-run venture.

Join Us

Come join us at the Boogie in dance, hanging out and whatnot. If you groove on what we're doing and have time and energy to help us make the dance happen, all the better. Folks who help out can get reduced or even free admission to the Boogie. We're entirely volunteer-run so we always need people who can work as dance coordinators and DJs, and do door shifts. Just ask and we'll be glad to fill you in on how we're set up. And we're always open to feedback!

The Music

From our pool of talented DJs, two spin each dance. Each of our DJs has his or her own distinctive style, but one thing you can rely on is that at every Boogie you'll hear a wide variety of music: R&B, tribal, funk, lyrical and acoustic, ambient, electronica, disco, rock, and much more.

Camp Friendship

Our indoor dances are held at Camp Friendship in Park Slope, Brooklyn. Also, proceeds from Boogie admission fees go to support the Camp Friendship Food Pantry, which has been providing food assistance to needy families since 2020.

Dance New England

The Barefoot Boogie NYC is a member of Dance New England (DNE), which is a network of barefoot, smoke-free dances taking place in cities throughout the Northeast United States. Check it out!